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Marathon report

Yes I have recovered enough now 😉

I slept suprisingly well the night before the marathon and I was not nervous in the morning but I think the reason for this is I managed to fool myself. I told myself that I was just going to run a little bit longer practice run than normal and in a different place and all that mattered was that I ran until the end….guess it worked.

My main problem was that I never eat breakfast, I don’t like it, never have, if I eat before 12ish I feel ill and can’t stop eating for the rest of the day. But you cannot run 42km on an empty stomach, I prepared my breakfast already the day before, left over pasta from my lunch, and I really did try to eat it, I think I managed to eat about 10 pasta shapes before I had to give up. Seems I cannot eat breakfast no matter what’s at stake 😡

We (me & none runner Anders) had planned our route to the start the day before and it went fairly smooth to get to Greenwich.

I started at the Red start and it took about 30 minutes before I got across the start, luckily your time does not start until the chip on your shoe crosses the start line so there was no need to worry about the time.

The start went well and the first 10 km passed easily but then my right ankle started hurting with every step but it did not feel like a serious injury rather just annoying so I ignored it. The atmosphere along the course was fantastic, there were peolpe cheering you on everywhere, shouting your name. Steelbands and drummers, samba bands, orchestras and DJs played as well, there even were belly dancers entertaining you as you ran along.

I could hear everyone that shouted my name but it was really difficult to spot people in the crowd but I did see some of you. Jossan & Paul I heard you guys but I could not see you because where you were I was just in too much pain to focus on trying to spot people.

It was not until about 20 km when it starrted to get hard but up to 30 km it was not difficult anyway because the cheering of the crowd keeps you going. At 30 km it started to get harder but this is where I saw Lepras cheering station, I ran past pointing at them but they did not see that but Liz and Anders I heard you loud and clear when you finally spotted me. The see and hear them really gave me a boost.

Next 5 km was hard but on reaching 35 km OH MY GOD THE PAIN. My legs got really heavy and painful, my ankle hurt even more and the other ankle started hurting as well, if there had been none watching I’m not sure I would have been able to continue, luckily with the crowd watching and screaming “Eva you can do it” I had to do it. I slowed down a bit and drank a bit of water and took my fourth carbohydrate gel (from my Sweded pocket). The last bit was not my fastest but I continued in great pain and got across the finishing line in 4.47.54.

4.47.54 was not the time I had aimed for, ideally I wanted to finish somewhere between 4 and 4.30 but I am happy anyway, it was impossible to run faster in the beginning as there are just too many people in the way on the track. Also since it was my first marathon I am happy just to have finished it. But most importantly I finished the marathon before the 4 Rhinos, 4 Donkeys and 3 Wombles.

After crossing the line every step was painful, knees and ankles were really sore, my thigh muscles were rock hard and kept cramping up but so happy to have done it 🙂
It took a long time to get home because there were just people everywhere. We stopped by Subway on our way home to by sandwiches.

As we got home I noticed that the sun had burnt my face a bit causing a bit of sunstroke headache and my hair was just a salty and messy lump, so I washed it and cut the hair. After this we went to a restaruant with Anders family and ate steak and chips as this is what I really wanted to eat 😀

So was it worth it?

Absolutely, now three days later my joints are fine and only my thighs are sore. Call me foolish but I am already entered into next years London marathon and Berlins marathon in Spetember, have to improve my time you see 😀

In Swedish
Nu har jag ÄterhÀmtat mig nog för att skriva.
Jag var inte alls nervös dagen före och just före starten, jag lÄtsades att det var en lÀngre trÀningsrunda Àn vanligt bara och det fungerade. Var lite orolig eftersom jag som vanligt inte lyckades Àta frukost men jag orkade ju med maran ÀndÄ.

Anders följde mig till starten, men sÄg mig inte springa över startlinjen det tog ca en halvtimme innan jag kom över startlinjen och dÄ hade han gÄtt i tron att han missat mig.
De första 10 km gick lÀtt men sen fik jag ont i höger fotvrist, irriterande men inte allvarligt. det var hÀrlig stÀmning lÀngs hela rutten med musik och underhÄllning och massor som skrek och hejade pÄ oss.

Vid 20 km sÄ började det bli lite jobbigare men med stÀmningen sÄ gick det iallafall, vid 30 km blev det tungt men dÄ hörde jag Liz frÄn Lepra och Anders ropa pÄ mig vid hejar station pÄ mile 19. Detta gav en lite boost. Riktiga pÀrsen kom vid 35 km, varje steg gjorde dÄ ont. Men jag saktade ner tempot lite, tog en fjÀrde Kolhydratsgele och drack lite vatten. Efter detta sÄ tog jag mig i mÄl.

SmĂ€rtan efterĂ„t Ă€r enorm varje steg gör ont men allt Ă€r blandat med glĂ€dje och lĂ€ttnad. BrĂ€nd ansiktet lite i solen som ledde till att jag hade ont i huvudet resten av kvĂ€llen och var tvungen att klippa hĂ„ret lite efterĂ„t eftersom det bara var en stor saltig tova. Vi firade efterĂ„t genom att Ă€ta kött och pommes, precis vad jag ville ha 😀

Nu tre dagar senare sĂ„ har jag bara ont i lĂ„ren kvar, mest nĂ€r jag gĂ„r nerför trappor. Kalla mig galen men jag har anmĂ€lt mig till nĂ€sta Ă„rs maraton och Berlins maraton nu i september 😀



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I did it

Yes I did it, I finished the marathon in 4.47.54, full marathon report will come when I have recovered.

In Swedish
Ja jag gjorde det, jag sprang maran pÄ 4.47.54, full rapportering kommer nÀr jag ÄterhÀmtat mig.


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World Malaria Day 2009

Every 30 second a child dies from Malaria, every year Malaria kills at least a million people. Malaria drugs are failing due to increased resistance against traditional drugs.

This means money need to be spent on malaria prevention and finding new malaria treatment.
According to the WHO and Unicef early treatment of malaria and proper use of Malaria nets could reduce malaria transmission by up to 60% and death rates in young children by around a fifth.
Good sanitation and running water also prevents Malaria from spreading as Mosquitoes would have nowhere to bread. Lepra is working together with other aid agencies to clear stagnate water and to provide nets to people at risk from Malaria infection.

For us in the west Malaria nets are cheap as in the words of David Beckham “For less than the cost of a football you can protect a family from dying.” So why not donate and do your bit to save a family.

Woman and Child with Malaria net. Picture

In Swedish
Idag Àr det Internationella Malariadagen, var 30 sekund sÄ dör ett barn av Malaria, varje Är sÄ dör minst 1 miljon mÀnniskor i Malaria.

Traditionella Malaria mediciner funkar inte alltid pga ökad resistans bland Malaria parasiterna. Pengar behöver spenderas pÄ att förhindra spridning och nya effektivare mediciner.
Enligt WHO och UNICEf sÄ kan en kombination av tidig behandling av Malaria samt anvÀndandet av MyggnÀt minska Malaria spridning med 60% och minska dödligheten bland smÄ barn med en femtedel.
Bra sanering och rinnande vatten förhindrar ocksÄ att Malaria sprids eftersom Myggen förlorar stÀllen att lÀgga sin Àgg. Lepra jobbar i samarbete med andra hjÀlp organisationer för att sanera bort stillastÄende vatten och tillhandahÄlla myggnÀt.

Det kostar mindre Àn en fotboll att skydda en familj mot malaria, sÄ donera pengar nu.


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Todays outfit, Dagens Outfit

LOL never ever thought I would write the words todays outfit like if this is a fashion blog 😀
Below you will see a two pictures of my sweded marathon outfit, so you can recognise me if you come to the cheering pub I wrote of in todays earlier post, or if you decide to watch the BBC coverage on TV (BBC1 8.30-12.00, BBC2 12.00-14.00).

Now don’t judge me on this picture because;
A I have just been out running 10 km
B It is blurry
C It was getting dark outside
But this is sort of how I will look on Sunday

Appherently “To Swede” is to remake a feature film on a budget amounting to zero. Which is exactly what I did with my running trousers, I cut them of into shorts and made a pocket of the left over fabric on a tiny sewing machine. So I add that to remake clothes on zero budget, and in my case zero sewing skills and no black thread, is to swede too…bet my mum is laughing at my sewing skills right now.


The sewing machine is tiny just look at how big the laptop looks behind it.

In Swedish
Trodde aldrig jag skulle skriva ett inlĂ€gg kallat Dagens Outfit som om detta vore en modeblogg 😀
Översta bilden Ă€r pĂ„ min outfit som jag kommer springa i pĂ„ söndag, lite suddig bild men helt ok med tanke pĂ„ att det Ă€r taget just efter en 10 km runda.
Byxorna har jag swedat (swede= att göra om nĂ„got med 0 kr budget, och i mitt fall 0 talang för att sy och ingen svart trĂ„d) genom att klippa av dem till shorts och sy en ficka av snutten pĂ„ vĂ€rldens minsta symaskin…slĂ„r vad om att mamma skrattar Ă„t mina sytalanger just nu.


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Mile 19 Cheer Station

If you want to come down and cheer me on on Marathon day my charity Lepra has an official cheer station at mile 19 marker at the North Colonnade. With our official pub partners, The Fine Line, less than a 2 minute walk away on Fishermans Walk and West India Quay DLR within easy reach of both, this could be a good place for you to support me and Team LEPRA.


Tonight I am going add pictures of me in my running outfit so you will know what to look for if you come to my cheer station or if you decide to watch it on TV.

In Swedish
Lepra har en officiell Hejar station vid mile 19, pubben heter The Fine Line. Följ lÀnken eller titta pÄ nummer 19 pÄ kartan sÄ vet ni ungefÀr var.
IkvÀll sÄ kommer jag lÀgga upp bilder pÄ mig i min löpar outfit sÄ ni vet vad ni ska kolla efter om ni kommer till Hejar stationen eller om ni vÀljer att stanna hemma och titta pÄ TV.

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My Running Buddy, My Soul Mate

Today I am sad, very sad 😩
It was confirmed today that my Sötnos is not going to run the marathon with me. He had an MRI scan today that revealed a stress fracture in his heel, so crutches and rest is doctors order.

I think I’m more upset than he is, it is going to feel so empty running without him.

Idag Ă€r jag ledsen 😩
Min Sötnos kommer inte springa London maraton med mig. Han har en stress fraktur i hÀlen sÄ det Àr kryckor och vila som gÀller.

Jag kommer att sakna honom sÄÄÄ den 26te det kommer kÀnnas tomt, sÄ tomt.

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I hate mobiles

I have always hated phones and mobiles for some reason, obviously if someone phones me I’m happy and I like to talk to them and I like to get texts.
But phoning people NO I DON’T LIKE IT, also I don’t like being reached all the time. Remember the good old days when we did not use mobiles??? Life was more relaxed.

I swore I would never buy a mobile in the 90s and if I ever needed one for work i.e being on call or something then I said work would have to buy me one that I was only going to use for work. How did that promise work out???
I say I’ve kept it. I do have a mobile but I did not buy it. I was the last one of everyone I know to get a mobile (or mum did you get yours after me?….mum hates phones too and she reads my blogg but never leaves a comment). In the beginning of 2002 I had left one job and applied for another, they were really interested in me but everytime they tried to get hold of me they failed. After they tried calling my then boyfriends mobile for the 57th time he got feed up and pulled out of his drawer an old pay as you go sim card and mobile. I still have the same number and have only had three different phones, none have I bought but rather inherited one and given another as a present. So yes I do have a mobile BUT I did not buy it 😉

So what is the point of this long rant about mobiles???

Well my third mobile phone is dying and I am wondering do I really want a new one? Do I need a mobile? Will I loose my friends because they can’t get hold of me?

All my (few) readers what do you think, are mobiles necessary?

Jag hatar telefoner och mobiler, det har jag alltid gjort. Jag svor att jag aldrig skulle köpa en mobil och det har jag hĂ„llit eftersom jag bara lĂ„nade en mobil Ă„r 2002 och “bara” aldrig lĂ€mnade tillbaka den. Av alla jag kĂ€nner sĂ„ var jag nog sist med att skaffa en mobil (eller mamma skaffade du din efter mig?…mamma hatar ocksĂ„ mobiler och jag vet att hon lĂ€ser bloggen men aldrig kommenterar).

Nu hÄller min mobil pÄ att dö och jag undrar behöver jag verkligen en mobil? Vill jag ha en ny? Kommer folk bli irriterade pÄ att de aldrig fÄr tag pÄ mig?

NÄ vad sÀger ni mina (fÄ) lÀsare behövs mobiler? Och behöver jag en mobil?

PS Mamma man kommenterar genom att klicka pĂ„ texten comments som finns under varje inlĂ€gg sedan skriver man sitt namn (kan vara riktiga namnet, mamma eller m) sen din emailadress (bara jag kan se den) sen skriver du vad du kĂ€nner för….Min mamma Ă€r en Neo-Luddite precis som jag 😀


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