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Raising £1500 for charity

So how has my fundraising gone?

So far I have received £1130 and this week I will receive another £90, £40 from one donor and £50 from another taking me up to a total of £1220.

I am still £280 short of my £1500 target so please open your wallets and flex your cards donating has never been easier. I take cards if you use my page, if you see me in person you can give me cash or cheques 🙂 I have this week left to fundraise as my deadline is Friday the 5th of June, so you still have time to donate.

I also want to give a big thank you to my single biggest donor Stina, with donations amounting to £58 she has been my biggest private donor and through her advertisment for me she made at least two others sponsor me.

So take a leaf out Stinas book and donate you too 😉

In Swedish

Så hur har min insamling gått?

Jag har fått in £1130 än så länge och den här veckan ska jag hämta in £90 till, £40 från en sponsor och £50 från en annan. Det tar mig upp till £1220.

Jag behöver alltså £280 till för att nå mitt £1500 mål så öppna plånboken eller ta fram ditt kort det kan inte bli enklare att donera. Jag tar kort via och om du ser mig i person så kan du ge mig kontanter eller checkar 🙂 Jag har den här veckan kvar att samla in pengar så ni kan donera till fredagen den 5te Juni.

Jag vill också passa på att tacka Stina, som är den privatperson som donerat mest med hennes £58 och hennes reklam för min blogg har lett till åtminstone 2 till doneringar.



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Yes I am still here, have taken a little recovery brake the last few weeks. Tomorrow I am going to try to write about how my fundraising has gone and my next project: Berlin Marathon on the 20th of September together with Sötnos. On Monday I am going to put some pictures up from London marathon, so you can see I really did it 😉

So what have I done during my break well lots but nothing really, I had planned to relax a lot but that did not happen, I’ve been out with friends, catched up with Maciek who I have not seen for 3 years, clubbing with Elin and yesterday Onsites birthday party. I have been house sitting and cat sitting. But what really have kept me busy the last few weeks is work, our busiest time of the year has just started and we had a surprise staff change in the middle of this. Been to football as well West Ham vs Liverpool at Upton Park it was a nice day but unfortunately West Ham lost.

So how have I physically recovered, good I would say. I have not been out running yet though as my heels, feet and ankles have not felt completely ok. I don’t think it is something serious at the moment but if they don’t get to rest properly it might become serious.

In Swedish
Har haft mycket att göra så har inte hunnit updatera eller vila så mycket som jag tänkt. Har träffat vänner, kollat på fotboll West Ham Vs Liverpool och jobbat väldigt mycket.
Ska updatera bloggen imorgon med hur min insamling har gått samt nästa projekt: Berlin maraton den 20 september tillsammans med Sötnos.
På måndag så ska jag försöka lägga upp bilder från maran som bevis på att jag verkligen gjorde det 😉

Fysiskt så har jag typ återhämtat mig, hälarna, fötterna och vristerna är inte helt ok, inget allvarligt men om jag inte skulle vila dem ordentligt så kan det ju bli värre.


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