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My 2009

A list I found on Matilda’s blog.

1. Did yo do something you’ve never done before?

Yes, my first night dive, my first marathon and took a climbing course.

2. Did you keep any of your new years resolutions?

Yes a few of them, most proud over being more environmentally friendly. Using very few plastic bags this year for exampel.

3. Did any of friends become parents this year?


4. Did anyone close to you die this year?


5. Which countries did you visit?

Kenya, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and France.

6. Is there something missing year 2009 that you want year 2010?

Yes, but what I miss I will never get.

7. Which date from 2009 will you always remember?

2nd November.

8. What was your biggest success 2009?

Finishing the London Marathon and raising £1500 for the charity Lepra.

9. Biggest misstake?

Not seeing what was happening and for not trying harder.

10. Have you been sick or injured yourself?

Two minor running injuries, heels and iliotibial band. Problems with my neck giving me bad head aches.

11. Best buy?

The trip to Kenya.

12. What did you spend most on?

The Kenya trip, the climbing course and the trip to Germany.

13. Did someone make you really happy?

Yes he did.

14. Which songs will always remind you of 2009?

Leona Lewis – Happy
Ingrid Michaelson – Be OK
Nick Cave – To be by your side
Leona Lewis – Alive
Melissa Horn – Som jag hade dig förut
Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
Leona Lewis – Broken
Nick Cave – The Ship Song
Missy Higgins – Where I Stood
Marianne Faithfull – The Ballad of Lucy Jordan
Snow Patrol – Run
Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
Nick Cave – The Weeping Song
Leona Lewis – Can’t Breathe
Gus – Don’t fear the Reaper
James Blunt – Goodbye my lover
Lady Gaga – Poker Face
Leonard Cohen – Waiting for the Miracle
Leona Lewis – My Hands
Dido – White Flag
Nelly Furtado – Try
Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
Safri Duo – The Bongo Song
Lady Gaga – Paparazzi

15. Were you happier or sadder this year compared to previous years?

Happier the first 10 months then sadder then ever.

16. What do you wish you’ve done more?

Tried harder, loved more.

17. What do you wish you’ve done less?

Cry less and work less.

18. How do/did you spend christmas?

Mostly alone (by choice) but also watching Donald Duck at the Swedish pub and then midnight mass at the Swedish Church.

19. Did you fall in love this year?

No I was already in love.

20. Is there anything that could have made your year better?

Yes if I could have skipped these last two months.

21. What made you feel well?

A, and then all my lovely friends.

22. Who did you miss?


23. The best new people you meet?


24. Favorite TV programme?

Blood, Sweat and Takeaways

25. Best book?

Charles Clover – The End of the Line: How overfishing is Changing the World and What We Eat



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Midnight mass

Yesterday was a strange day, got some unsuspected news on my way to see Donald Duck at the Swedish pub. It got me thinking a lot, I am at a crossroad in my life. My life is changing a lot and fast, I am not really sure which way to take. Although it feels like somone is pushing me in a certain direction, sort of testing me, but knows I can take every trial thrown at me. I don’t necessarily want to go there and if it was up to me I’d chose a different kind of life, but that doesn’t seem to be my destiny. However I am very excited, can’t wait for things to change as what I have now is not what I want.

In the evening yesterday I went to midnight mass at the Swedish church, it was a lovely mass. But it go me thinking even more. In the last few days I have made some changes in my life, one was not completely thought through but anyway it seems so very right. It had to be done. Someone really has a plan for me.

I was alone yesterday for christmas, alone out of choice as I have never had so many christmas invitations before. Even my ex husband invited me to spend christmas with him. I felt like being alone and I need to be alone. I have always said that christmas is what you make of it yourself, and all my christmases has been ok whether I have been working, alone, with friends or family. Some might not believe it but I actually like christmas, I just never get stuck in the hype, the stresses and the commercialism of it. For me christmas is about relaxing and reflecting, not drinking and spending money. If I can I love to spend it with loved ones, but I will not get stressed out if my circumstances prevents me from spending it with them.

Christmas is a time for charity to others, that is the true spirit of christmas. There are people out there who are alone, really alone and not by their own choice. We need to spare a thought for them and give them a helping hand. If you know of anyone who is alone invite them to join you or donate to charities like the Salvation army which helps homeless and lonely people.

But christmas is also for those who are walking the wrong path in life, the weak and the mean, if you are religious say a prayer for them and if you are not send them good thoughts instead.


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Merry Christmas

In Sweden we always celebrate christmas on christmas eve, as I have lived in London for the last 11 years I have often worked that day and therefore celebrated the day after. But when I haven’t been working there is one Swedish tradition I always observe (whether I am in Sweden or not); Donald Duck!

Yes every year for an hour Sweden stands still and everyone watches cartoons with Donald Duck and other Disney characters. It is such a sweet and family friendly christmas tradition I just love it. So at 14.00 today I will be busy for an hour, don’t call or text me as I won’t reply 😉

To all my readers I wish you a very merry christmas.


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Winter sucks but it is getting lighter

I hate winter (as you already know) and even more this year than other years.

I like wikipedias description:
“The depressive psychological effects of winter on individuals and societies are experienced as coldness, tiredness, malaise, and inactivity. This is known as seasonal affective disorder.”

Although I can’t say I have been inactive as I have hardly been at home since October, activity and SAD lightboxes works a charm against seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


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Winter Solstice

Finally winter solstice is here, from tomorrow the days will only get longer and longer and not the other way around.

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel?

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To disappoint one of my readers

So OK I am not the happiest I have ever been but my life is not as bad as you seem to hope and actively wish and pray for.

I have a good job that pays OK and looks very nice on my CV, I want to leave my job because I need a change in my life and no other reason.

Yes my relationship ended, but relationships ends all the time no big deal. I will get over this as I got over past relationships.

Yes I am a bit down because I hate the winter cold and darkness, but guess what? Before we know it spring will be here.

I have so many wonderful friends and they always help to put a smile on my face.

My finances aren’t great but I can live a decent life, what I can’t do is take 6-12 months of to travel the world.

And the powers that rules our destiny really doesn’t like people praying for bad things to happen to others, I have never ever wished for bad things to happen to another person and I never will.


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It is not cold but it is cold…brrr. Growning up in Sweden I had it a lot colder than it is here at the moment, we had more snow too. But the problem here is the buildings are so shit that it is almost impossible to get them warm. My flat is a small shoebox, I have two radiators on and still I have to have a blanket on. Also the windows are shit and very drafty.
The same is happening with the snow, everything grinds to a halt because just like they can’t build anything properly in this country they can’t plough and grit roads.

On top of this my neighbor has terrorised me by playing drums almost all day, and when he didn’t do that he killed one of my favorite songs by playing badly on his guitar and singing that sounded like a strangled cat force feed whiskey and cigarettes.

So far not a great day, but of to a christmas party in the evening which should do the trick. Tonights party will be the eight xmas party in seven days. No I didn’t count wrong I managed to do two parties yesterday 🙂


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