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February running

In a few hours February is over, me and Gizmo have been working hard and finished with a total of 101.77 km run through out the month. Tomorrow is the first day of “Monster Month” the runs will get longer and longer :S Although I’ll have a resting day tomorrow 😉

Compared to last year my speed is picking up and breaking my PB goal is definitely possible, not completely sure I will go under the 4 hour barrier though I am trying hard.

Today I did a 16 km slow run, it felt ok even though I’ve been ill during the weekend. But I really need new shoes, my old ones doesn’t work on anything longer than 8 km runs. Do you wonder why they only work for the first part? Well feet expand a little after running a longer bit so I stubb my toes in the toebox of the shoes. This leads to black toenails, not comfortable and not pretty.

Also I need to buy some carbohydrate gels and some sports drinks or powder stuff….but I really, really hate this stuff 😦 It’s too artificial and too sweet, but on the long runs extra energy is needed there is no way around it and afterwards refuelling is essential. Does anyone know of healthy, natural and non sugary energy on the go and refuelling??? Please let me know…urgently. Drinkwise I prefer Gatorade as it has less shit (shit= E numbers, colours, sugar and stuff) in it then others I’ve tried. For carbo gel I use the Lucozade one as it is easy to eat on the run and doesn’t taste too nasty…although really not happy with this one.


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Gizmo and I are training hard

I have named my Garmin Forerunner 310XT, he will be known as Gizmo from now on, very suitable as Gizmo means gadget but also this cute little fellow;

Been a bit quite lately, I have kept my self really busy by running loads and loads together with Gizmo. Minimum 4 times a week but I am for 5 times a week, last week I did several threeshold runs to improve on my speed, this week I am concentrating on medium and long runs. Todays run was really good if I can keep that pace up then I will definitely beat my PB at the London marathon.

Also watched a bit of the Winter Olympics. The Cross Country skiing is fantastic, even though I hate snow and the cold it makes me want to go skiing. Well either next year or the year after I will have to ski as the 90 km Vasa cross country ski race is part of the Swedish classic which I definitely will be doing one day.

The little bit of my time left over is spent on studying climate change (global warming or what you wish to call it), UK energy policy and French.

Almost forgot I have spent a great deal of my time with friends. Last Monday lovely dinner with Karin. Tuesday helpt ex-husband with university work and he helped me fix my PC monitor, fantastic deal 😀 Thursday at a local pub with Jenny, Hannis and new girl. Friday Olympics Ice Hockey, Sweden against Belarus at the Swedish pub with Laila, Jocke, Lisa, Leigh, Jenny, Rich, Patrick, Angelique, Hannis, Jimmie and I think I forgotten some people but it was sooo nice 😀 . Saturday was spent relaxing until I had to make a treacherous journey to Waterloo, the tubes and the buses were SHIT and I had to walk a bit 😦 in the cold 😦 when I finally got there I had a brilliant time with Marliina and friends.

After we had got some drinks down at home we went out dancing, it was nice but the club was a bit shit…everyone avoid Chinawhite if you want to have a really good time, expensive drinks (yes I buy my own drinks as I do not want to sponge of sleazy guys) and not very nice drinks either, tiny dancefloor with the shittiest DJ I have ever come across during 11 years in London, the guys in the club were not nice either….these clubs let guys with money in only (or guys with the right friends) and quite frankly they do not look very nice and they are extremely sleazy.

Then Sunday was spent with Elin and a long walk in the park, we saw Yellow Crocuses, more Snowdrops and flowers on two different varieties of trees spring is coming wheee 😀 Yesterday me and Laila managed to get free burgers at the pub, fantastic, and then we went home to her place and drank bucket loads of Swedish coffee and talked until 2 am…no wonder I didn’t fall asleep until after 5 in the morning 😉

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Wheee look at my baby :D

Yes it is my very own Garmin Forerunner 310XT. I bought it online yesterday for a superduper fantastic price and free delivery, just had to get it. And today already it arrived 😀 Marathon PB here I come.

Only problem is I have not named the baby yet…any ideas for a name?

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Screaming at my blog

Some of my friends have asked if I don’t think I’m too personal on my blog. Perhaps I am, but screaming at my blog makes me feel better, it gives me some release. Anyways most of my friends already know what I write about here and rather than bothering them too much and boring them with my problems I use my blog. And those who do not know me I do not see as a problem as I am quite anonymous on the internet, just one more person with problems on the internet.

Writing helps me when I feel shit, no matter what time day and night my blog is here for me. My blog never tells me what to do, it doesn’t tell me I am stupid or to shut up. What ever I throw at my blog it stays where it is and just takes it…I like that.

Sometimes life is even too hard to write about, but my blog will still be here after a break.

How do you treat your blog? Like a best friend, a gossip column or a punch bag?


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