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World Tuberculosis Day!

Today is the World Tuberculosis Day, TB is one of the most spread infectious diseases in the world. It is calculated that a third of the earths population is carrying the TB bacteria and every year about 9 million people get sick and roughly 2 million people day from TB.

Most deaths occur in Africa and Asia as it is more common there but also because medicine is expensive and hospitals often are few and far between.

TB is an airborne bacteria that spreads through coughing, it mainly spreads if you have regular contact with a TB sick person inside, most commonly within the household.

TB symptoms are fever, sweating during the night, tiredness and weight loss. If the lungs are affected then symptoms are persistent coughs for more than three weeks with either mucus or blood or even both. The diagnosis is made from questioning, x-rays and bacterial diagnostics testing.

To treat TB you need a mix of four different medicines for two months and then only two of them for four more months. It is very important to take the medicine for the full 6 months this is to prevent resistence in the bacteria which is very common unfortunately. This is also what makes the disease quite expensive as so many drugs are need for such a long period. This is why the poorer countries really need our help as if they barely can afford to feed themselves they obviously can’t afford expensive medicines for 6 months.

Give these people a chance of life, donate now by clicking here.



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Sundays run

Sundays run went well, did a half marathon with 21.1 km and the time was not bad at all. If this continues then I will absolutely beat my marathon PB. Although mentally it was hard and it was really nice to bump in to some supporters at 14 km, got second wind and actually ran quicker after that 🙂

Today my legs felt ok which was a nice surprise so I went out for a short run today too.


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Congratulations to my friend Anders…

…who have just finished the Vasaloppet on the time of 06:51:30 not bad at all.

I am happy all your hard work have paid of. You can probably read more about his race here 10 in 2010 when he has recovered enough to write about it….although it will only be in Swedish.

As it is finish I can stop watching web TV and go out for my 20 km run.

But once again congratulations.

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Dream goals

Those of you who have read my about me page on my blog knows I mentioned the Swedish Classic before. Today is the first competition of four in Sweden Vasaloppet a 90 km cross country ski race. If it wasn’t for my planned India trip in July/August I would have been there today on a pair of skis but when I’m in India Vansbrosimmet part three of the Classic will go ahead so therefore it was not my year to do the classic 😩 Watching the race on web TV I feel a bit sad. But I have decided I am going to start the classic this year anyway with the Lidingöloppet in September as you can do it with in 12 months also and not only in a calendar year.

I have wanted to do the Swedish Classic since I was 15 years old and took my schools classic diploma to the shock of my self and my mum as I’d forgotten I had done it 😉 I don’t want to do it because of fitness or my love of endurance and the great outdoors oh no not me… I am actually quite lazy. I want to do it to be able to say look I did it, I did that. Also I like doing crazy things and test my limits, and my stubbornness also push me to do things like this.

As you know next up is the London Marathon and hopefully a sub 4 hour PB, then Lidingöloppet in September followed by the Vasaloppet in March 2011, then VÀtternrundan in June and lastly Vansbrosimmet in July.

What then? Am I finished? No of course not 🙂

I have a few more endurance dream goals, but since they will take a hell of a lot of hard work and some money I do not have a time frame for them.

But they are;

The World Marathon Majors really though since Boston demands a marathon time below 3 hours 40 minutes for me to be allowed to take part.

Then the craziest of them all Marathon Des Sables a six day 243 km marathon event through the Sahara desert.

Edit; Oups I forgot about the Norseman, if you are doing a triathlon you might just as well do the worst one ever 😉

The Norseman start.

The Norseman profile.

The Norseman finish line.

You have to try everything once! 😀


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