Help my friend

One of my dearest friends is in a spot of bother at the moment. Like me she is Swedish and we met here in London. In 2004 she moved to Brazil with her son and soon to be husband, life in Brazil has in some ways been good but in other ways very hard for her.

They have now decided to move back to Sweden because, she want to spend time with elderly relatives while they are still alive, she wants her son to get a good education but above all she wants her son to be safe.
Since she is Swedish her son doesn’t look typically Brazilian, this makes him a possible target of “Flash Kidnapping”. The kidnappers don’t set a high ransom but are often content for you to just empty everything in your bank account by forcing you to the ATM, although they might do this for days in a row. Needless to say she is often worried and seldom relaxed about her life in Brazil.

Now in an ideal world she and/or I would be rich and then a straight forward move would not be a problem. I’m stuck in the UK with a shitty salary and she is in Brazil working on their equivalent to minimum wage. So the problem is the flights they will cost around £2700 (30,000 SEK), for their family to save up this amount of money will take at least 15 months. But that would cause another problem, as her husband just been awarded a residence permit for Sweden they should move there with in a year of the granting of the permit or it may be revoked.

I will sponsor my friend to help her buy tickets home and if you want you can do it too by clicking here. (or donate at PayPal:brasilianskasmakerATgmailDOTcom as the link doesn’t seem to work some of the time, replace AT with @ and DOT with . )
Or maybe you can fix cheap tickets, give away airmiles or whatever, please contact me in the comments.

If you understand Swedish then you can read more about her here.



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6 responses to “Help my friend

  1. Can you please make an update how it went? :=P

    • Zaba

      She has raised 280 US dollars so far. Not brilliant but it’s a start, will update more about my friend at another date 🙂

  2. Hej! Tack för din fina kommentar. Går allt bra med dig? Fortfarande kvar i London? (:


    • Zaba

      Hej 🙂

      För mig är det väldigt mycket berg och dalbana med lite raksträcka inslängt, men det kommer att bli bättre det har jag gett mig sjutton på 🙂 Kvar i London i min lilla skolåda men ska om 28 dagar till Indien och jobba i 8 veckor 🙂 Längtar sååå, behöver sol, värme och hårt jobb (ska jobba gratis för en välgörenhet).


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