Midsummer Eve

We Swedes love to celebrate things, we dance away Christmas in January, Easter of course, we sing the winter away on Walpurgis night, Midsummer Eve, Crayfish and Surströmming Parties in Aug/Sept, Lucia in December and obviously Christmas. I have probably missed a few. This year summer solstice occured on the 21st of June which naturally makes this our Midsummer Eve. However our spoil sport politicians decided to move our Midsummer Eve celebrations to the nearest Friday, I think this is a bit evil as many of the traditional things we do cannot be done any other night, like picking 7 different flowers and jumping over 7 fences to dream about the man you’ll marry etc.

However on Saturday masses of us Swedes will celebrate Midsummers Eve by attending a picnic in Hyde Park. We will have flowers in our hair, sing drinking songs, dance and sing the little frog dance around the maypole and eat pickled herring and potatoes with sour cream and chive sauce.


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5 responses to “Midsummer Eve

  1. Jag tycker den där reklamen är rätt rolig 🙂 Trevlig midsommar!

  2. Nej, jag har blivit kvar i Sheffield. Men nästa år kanske! Hoppas det blir lite foton från Hyde Park på bloggen 🙂


    • Zaba

      Alltså nästa år så gör vi bättre;
      Du +1 är här med inbjudna till min bäddsoffa hela midsommar helgen om du/jag är i UK då.


  3. Det låter finfint! 🙂

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