Midsummer was Fab!

For once we had the weather on our side, otherwise rain and cold weather is almost part of Midsummer eve festivities. I had a fantastic time with my nearest and dearest friends, we didn’t want to leave and stayed on way past the sun gone down. Wasn’t in bed until 4ish in the morning. The picnic food was fantastic, we had Västerbottenpaj, Smörgåstårta, pickled herring, potatoe salad, pasta salad, smoked, grilled and gravad salmon, knäckebröd, cheese, meatballs, new potatoes with sour cream and chive sauce, strawberries and cream and much more. Midsummer like it should be in other words.

Hyde Park was full of picnicing Swedes

I tried to take photos of all my friends at our picnic corner but I didn’t fit us all in even though I took TWO pictures.

Of course we had the Little Frog dance around the Maypole, bet a few eyebrows were raised by the none Swedes in the park 😉

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