So this is it for a while!

Last day in London for a while, tomorrow morning I’m flying off to India for 8 weeks of charity work. I will probably not have any internet access during this time (or mobile or anything else :s ) but if I get close to a computer with internet I will try to write a quick update.

In the mean time you can follow my expedition and maybe even spot me here just scroll down to the bottom of the page to read the India blog.

See you all when I get back and thanks to all of you that turned up to the pub on Friday.

Also to any would be thief;
1. I have absolutely nothing worth of stealing in my flat, I am sooo not materialistic and I certainly have no money…if you do decide to break in let me know if you find something 😉
2. Actually don’t bother breaking in because my flat (read shoebox) won’t be empty, a friend will live in it the whole time.

To a certain other person;
1. My internet duties in moderating a certain forum will go on as I am only 1 out of 7 people moderating it…although I get blamed for 100% of the removals.

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