I am back

Yes I have returned from the best thing I have ever done in my life. Although I had good values before I have decided to re evaluate my life and take stock and then decide what really matters to me and what to do next. But I can say I am truly happy at this moment, I know myself and I know what is important in life.

Will probably update you more on India in the near future but at the moment I need to digest it properly first, the true impact of it all has not hit me just yet.

So for now here is a little video lovely Hannah made of us in India, my Foxtrot 2 group shows up after the guitar solo. Also some pictures of my various sleeping arrangments, no one can say I’m spoilt and need luxury, or that I am vain (*cough, cough* mum) 😉

My lovely bed on the concrete floor at Moraji Desai School

Foxtrot 2’s home

Brief 1 day visit to Gandathur, Foxtrot 1’s home

Anthony’s Camp, Base Camp near Munnar in Kerala

Anthony’s campsite is on a slope, very cleverly done

“Survival Night” or this is what hell is like

Toilets were mainly either a short drop like this or a longdrop


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8 responses to “I am back

  1. Jättefin video! Och jag vill fortfarande veta hur ni gjorde när ni byggde toaletter:-)!

    • Zaba

      Tackar kul att videon uppskattas 🙂 Jag ska självklart berätta om byggandet, ska leta på bilderna också. Blir nog gjort till helgen.

  2. Grym video!! Ser ut som ni var ett kul gang 🙂 Kul att bloggen vaknat till liv igen, ser fram emot fler uppdateringar 🙂

  3. åååh.. attans tänkte inte på det alls! tack ändå, och ja vi måste snart ses o ta igen allt missat 🙂


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