Next a Half Marathon

Yes I’m out running again, this time it will be an achievement just getting to the start let alone past the finishing line as already I’m slightly injured. But hey ho I’m not injured enough not to run and it shouldn’t get worse by running either. This half marathon is for Oxfam, Oxfam is trying to overcome global poverty and suffering, they focus on Emergency Response (Pakistan Flood, Haiti Earthquake), Development Work and Campaigning for Change. To find out more click here Oxfam

£ 7  – could buy a school kit for kids
£11 – buy a mosquito net to protect people from malaria
£26 – could help fix a village water well
£50 – could train a farmer
£84 – can feed 12 families in an emergency

So please dig deep and donate now by clicking here


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2 responses to “Next a Half Marathon

  1. Du är så duktig! ❤ Ska definitivt donera i veckan då jag får in lite pengar. Hoppas att du mår bra x x

    • Zaba

      Tack vad söt du är. Mår helt ok förutom ledvärk. Vi måste träffas upp någon kväll vi har ju inte setts på evigheter.


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