My name is Eva but my friends call me Grodan or Zaba, which is frog in Swedish and Polish. I am Swedish and will be 30 this year. I moved to London when I was 18, life has been hard at times but very rewarding. I have worked in Management, Optics, Law and now I am doing something governmental. I have studied Politics and International Relations at university here in London for 3 years and finally graduated last year.

I always do stupid things and believe everything should tried at least once. Everything from the Marathon and the Swedish Classic (Vasaloppet 90 km cross country skies, Vätternrundan 300 km by bike, Vansbrosimmet 3km swim and Lidingöloppet 30 km run) to eating frogs and snails should be done once.

So this year I am running the marathon. I am running and fundraising for Lepra Health in Action and would love to break my fundraising target of £1500.

We, the west, have had such good fortune in life to be healthy and educated having access to schools and hospitals others are less fortunate. Even the smallest donation goes a long way, £10 can buy educational aids and a scholarship for a poor child affected by disease of poverty.

So please give something back Sponsor
me now


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  1. Hey Eva,

    I was wondering if we could sponsor you with some running shoes?

    Email me back and we’ll sort something out for you.

    Kind regards

  2. Hej!
    vad kul att du hörde av dig. Jag läste att du också ska till indien och volontärjobba, när åker du? jag åker i januari.
    Det vore kul att träffas som sagt.
    mvh ingrid

    • Zaba

      Jag ska åka i Juli 2010. Jo det vore roligt att träffas låter ju som vi har en hel del gemensamt 🙂 Denna vecka är ganska fullpackad, men nästa vecka efter jobbet har jag ganska mycket fri tid.

  3. Lidongöloppet, max respekt, jag skulle aldrig ställa upp för det!

    • Zaba

      Was supposed to do the Swedish Classic next year but as I am in India in July I will miss Vansbrosimmet so 2011 it is then. I actually really dread the Vasaloppet, I hate skies, I hate snow, I hate when it is cold and I hate when it is dark…..sounds like great fun doesn’t it 😉

      Compared to that Lidingöloppet will be piece of cake 😀

  4. Hej Zaba!
    Vilken underhallande blogg du har, jag ar imponerad av allt ditt springande! Jag har ratt nyligen startat en blogg, la la London, och forsoker fa folk att kanna till den. Bloggen fokuserar pa londontips, det blir allt ifran street art, gallerier, pubar, annorlunda attraktioner och sa lite vintage-shopping.
    Skulle du vara intresserad av att lanka till min blogg (om du gillar den saklart) sa lankar jag till din sa kan vi londonbloggare stodja varandra?
    Kika garna in!

    Mikaela (la la London)

  5. sojournertruths

    Have you been to India? The banner image seems to be from India.. I mean the kids look indian.
    I landed on your page via tag browsing and read some of the posts.
    It is quite amazing to see that you running a marathon for charity. keep the moral high and things will start working out.

    • Zaba

      Yes the picture is from India, the charity I support does a lot of work in India, the picture is taken by my charity. I have not been in India yet but I am planning to go there in July next year to work on a charity project. I guess you are from India?

      Thank you for your support, I hope 2010 will be a good year for us all.

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