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I’m so going to climb again…

I really loved this weekends climbing course and am looking forward to my next climb. I gave Sweetie a climbing course for christmas as it is really difficult to get things for him (and yes it is difficult for us to find time to do stuff is August now). The beginners climbing course is £99 for 6 hours worth of climbing with one instructor on four people, harness and shoe hire is inclusive. The course can be done on a few weekday evenings or on in a weekend. As we had so little time we did the intensive weekend course so 3 hours on Saturday morning and 3 hours on Sunday morning. It was brilliant and we were so lucky not all that booked the course showed up, which means me and Sweetie on one instructor alone 🙂 And a brilliant instructor too he was, so if ever there ask for Mark E.

The climbing centre is huge, 103 lines with some rope climbs and other lead climbs. The difficulties varies a lot and the heights vary from 7 to 13 metres so there is something for everyone to climb, beginner or pro. More pictures and information about the climbs and the centre can be found here Westways climbing centre and here UK Climbing Wall Guide.

This is absolutely something I can recommend, only tip is if you have the time do the weekday evenings. Why? You are using muscles you normally don’t use so the day after your muscles are going to hurt. You will get more out of the climbs if you are not in pain. Also the instructors prefer you to leave a bit of time in between because then they can really see how much you remember from your course, as it is not difficult remembering things from the day before.

As Sweetie is moving and I can’t climb on my own it is brilliant that you can hire a staff member to do your belay it is only ÂŁ15 belay hire + ÂŁ5 for harness and shoes and ÂŁ9.75 peak time for the climbing session itself.

In the course you will learn how to use the harness, how to tie in and how to belay your partner. Belaying is making sure the rope is tight so your partner won’t fall and that you can lower him slowly and controlled at the end of the climb. Then you learn climbing techniques and obviously you get to climb a fair bit and practice falling.

So a 10 out of 10 for fun and a 10 out of 10 for value for money.

In Swedish
Om du kÀnner för att klÀttra sÄ Àr Westways definitivt vÀrt tiden och priset. £99 för en 6 timmars nybörjar kurs, i detta ingÄr hyra av skor och sele. Det Àr fyra nybörjare pÄ varje instruktör och man fÄr lÀra sig hur man knyter fast sig, sÀkrar sin partner, klÀttringstekniker och hur man trillar.

KlÀttringscentret Àr stort, 103 leder med topprepsklÀttring och ledklÀttring. SvÄrigheterna varierar mycket och höjderna varierar frÄn 7 till 13 meter sÄ det finns nÄgot för alla klÀttrar, nybörjare som proffs. Mer bilder och info finns hÀr Westways climbing centre och hÀr UK Climbing Wall Guide.


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Yesterday was a good day albeit a tad stressful. Had a lovely time at
lovely Anna’s and also meet lovely Cecilia and Matilda I have read their blogs for long so it almost felt as I knew them already. Later on
Vivi turned up, have read her blog too 🙂
It was so nice and a shame to leave so early but I was already booked up for the evening.

The Pipeline’s launch was nice but I missed the Swedish canape’s 😩 oh well have to go there an try their Swedish menu properly this week 🙂 I managed to catch the second to last tube home, three minutes later and I would have been forced to take he bus.

So after such a hectic day and not getting into bed until 3ish something we had to go up way too early to finish the climbing course at Westways climbing centre. It was as brilliant as yesterday and went very well but all muscles were sore from the day before so it was hard work, more about the climbing another time.

After we went to GBK to eat lovely burgers and chips, Sweetie had the Kiwiburger and I ate the Blue cheese one.

By the time we got home every muscle in my body was sore and we were so tired we took an afternoon nap for two hours…LOL not something we usually do but so needed 🙂

Still in pain now especially in my back, hands and under arms…But it was worth it 😀

In Swedish
TrÀffade Anna, Cecilia, Matilda och Vivi för första gÄngen pÄ Annas trevliga födelsedagsfest. Eftersom jag lÀst deras bloggar sÄ kÀndes det som att vi redan kÀnde varandra. TyvÀrr var jag ju tvungen att gÄ tidigt.

The Pipeline’s var trevligt men jag missade de svenska kanaperna, men ska dit och prova den svenska menyn snart 🙂

Gjorde andra delen av klÀtterkursen idag pÄ Westways climbing centre. fortfarande lika kul men trÀningsvÀrken Àr inte att leka med. Efter en snabb BlÄ mögelost och Kiwiburgare burgare pÄ GBK sÄ Äkte vi hem och tog en eftermiddags lur pÄ tvÄ timmar eftersom vi var helt slut.


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Busy day :)

Busy, busy today, up before 9 despite late night to get ready for three hours of climbing at Westways climbing centre. It was great fun and we are going back to finish the course tomorrow 😀

Have just had a shower and finished some yummy Nandos chicken and soon I am of to Anna’s for birthday celebrations.

But my night doesn’t stop there, Oh no it doesn’t….After that I am of to the Pipeline’s launch party.

Not going to drink much though as I am back climbing tomorrow morning 🙂

In swedish
Fullt up idag har gjort första delan pÄ vÄr klÀtterkurs pÄ Westways climbing centre. Har just duchat och Àtit kyckling frÄn Nandos och snart ska fira Annas födelsedag.

Men kvĂ€llen slutar inte dĂ€r för sen ska jag till the Pipeline’s öppningsfest.

Men jag ska ta’t lugnt med alkohol för vill inte klĂ€ttra bakis 🙂


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Climbing and Notting Hill Arts Club

Yesterday was a lazy day apart from two things. I took a nice long walk to Westways climbing centre and booked a beginners climbing course for me and Sweetie next weekend. I have always wanted to learn how to climb. When I go on holiday I like to be active, the running shoes comes a long and we go diving and now we should b able to climb as well 🙂

Then Sweetie finished work a bit earlier than normal so we decided to go to dancing at the Notting Hill Arts Club. We love DJ Derek’s Sweet Memory Sounds it is Ska, Dancehall, Reggae and Rock n Roll. There is no guestlist and no dresscode, no drink whores (young women that wants rich men and can be bought by a drink) and no VIP section, fantastic I say.

So all in all a good day 🙂

In Swedish
Gjorde inte mycket idag förutom att boka en klÀttringskurs för nybörjare pÄ Westways climbing centre.

Sen slutade sötnos tidigare Ă€n vanligt sĂ„ dĂ„ gick vi till Notting Hill Arts Club och dansade loss till DJ Derek’s Sweet Memory Sounds en blandning av Ska, Dancehall, Reggae och Rock n Roll. Det Ă€r ett avslappnat stĂ€lle utan VIP rum, drinkhoror, gĂ€stlistor och dresscode.


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