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Two busy weeks

I haven’t written much lately for two reason;
A I’ve been too bloody busy
B Everytime I’ve had spare time wordpress has not worked properly, especially when it comes to images. Telling wordpress about it does not help either…stop sucking you’re supposed to be one of the best…

St Paul's & The Gherkin at night

The last two weeks started with a lovely London evening spent with Marliina we ate at Giraffe on the South Bank and managed to get both half priced cocktails AND cheap food…yes we were a bit sly there and paid for the drinks seperately, but hey we need to save money for flights 😉 It was lovely to meet up again. As usual we mostly talked about how it is having a distance relationship, priorities, Sophie’s Choice and much more.

Then on Friday I met Karin for the first time at Nandos on Baker Street. It was like meeting an old friend, funny how it is with blogs you get to know people with out having met them before…although I know her brother well. Anyhow we had much in common, uni studies, past jobs, living in hostels etc, and time flew past.

harcourt_front_portraitSaturday I did a big mistake…I went to Portobello Road…GAH! Its mayhem in Notting Hill on Saturdays, tourists everywhere. I should have known better I bloody live in Notting Hill. Anyway managed to buy an engagement present and card for Jens and Stina so not a complete disaster.

Met up with Anna and Karin before we went to Jens and Stina’s engagement party at The harcourt for a great party, so many friends had turned up. The Harcourt will always be a special place, Stina met Jens there and I met my Sweetie there. I bumped into Sofia and probably made her think I’m a freak…lol…should not talk to strangers in the ladies loo, must learn appropriate places to say hello in…toilets not being one of them 🙂

Inspiralled Food Sunday I met Ingrid at the vegan cafe InSpiral Lounge in Camden. We only had tea and a smoothie and talked the time away, we are both going to India next year and we do quite a bit for charity. I could not stay long as I had too much to do but we decided to meet up again and visit a museum. As for the cafe I am sooo going to go back there again, although earlier on a week day so I can try their exciting food in peace.

Then finally Thursday last week Sweetie came to London, it was so lovely to see him again how I have been waiting. We made a pit stop at the Swedish Church to say hello to all their nice staff and catch up on some gossip, then of home. We relaxed a bit and then ate at Feng Sushi in Notting Hill, very cosy dining room and decent Sushi…not brilliant like Dinings sushi but then it is cheaper, a lot cheaper.

Friday I worked in the morning and then we met up in the Harcourt, to say hello to Martin, John and Dee. After that we were of to the Pipeline Bar to visit all of them there and eat some Swedish food, had some lovely chanterelle pasta only complaint it was a bit too salty. The evening we spent with Jenny eating at Wagamama and then all three of us met up with Jocke in the pub.

NFL US Flag Saturday and Sunday just blurred past, went to the Harcourt at 1 to see Swedish Allsvensk football, we’ve been rubbish this season and are almost relegated. But what happens…well we actually win a game despite having two players sent off, unbelievably we have a chance. Then we won the ice hockey too, what is going on?!? Afterward me, Sweetie and a few other guys celebrated with mexican food and Margaritas at Mestizo we ate waaay too much as someone ordered too much food…we were full up already by the starter which we mistook for the main course until the main courses started arriving 😀 NFL UK Flag Sunday we had to go up early for a Sunday (thank you winter time for the extra hour of sleep 🙂 ) to get tickets for the NFL American football game…thanks bloody royal mail strikers for not delivering our post, get back to work you’re useless…

NFL Game startsWe finally got our reprinted tickets for Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New England Patriots and checked out the tailgate party before the game, apart from the beer tailgate was shit. And by the way how the F&*K can you call it football??? You don’t touch the ball with your feet more than about 7-10 times per game…sounds like I don’t like the NFL but I do its just not FOOTball. The game was great, the patriots won, the atmosphere was fantastic with 84,000 spectators and lovely friends to watch the game with. Just a shame Buffy couldn’t make it, the biggest NFL fan in our group who bought our tickets and then couldn’t go due to a stupid exam…By the way we had fantastic seats thanks 😛

When we got home Sweetie started to pack, I felt a bit ill and feverish (no not oink, oink) we ate pizza and went to bed. At three in the morning Sweetie started his journey home 😦 and I am again alone. We had a lovely time but sadly it as too short, I miss you already.

In Swedish
Har haft mycket att göra de senaste veckorna, träffat många vänner, ätit god mat, varit på förlovingsfest osv.

Sötnos kom även till London från torsdag till måndag morgon, så underbart att ses igen. Vi träffade gamla vänner, åt mycket bland annat svensk, japansk och mexikansk mat, kollade på allsvensk fotboll, svensk ishockey med vinster i båda vilket firades med mexikansk mat och margaritas. På söndagen så blev det amerikansk NFL fotboll på Wembley stadium, rätt lag vann och allt var mycket trevligt, tycker dock inte de ska kalla det FOTboll när de max rör vid bollen med foten typ 7-10 ggr per match, byt namn.

Hatade att sötnos åkte hem, det är tomt utan dig 😦



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Life is a bit easier now.

Yes life is a bit easier now, got this through in my email inbox;
“Dear Runner

Further to your recent telephone call to the London Marathon helpline, we can confirm that your application for a guaranteed entry in the Virgin London Marathon has been successful and our database has been amended to show that this is your sixth consecutive year of applying.

We apologise for the confusion caused, but we hope this will now resolve the situation.

Your entry into the 2010 Virgin London Marathon is guaranteed and as such you will receive an Acceptance magazine in the post. Please allow two weeks for the magazine to arrive before contacting us.

This email takes precedence over any other correspondence you receive from us regarding a rejection.

Kind regards,
The London Marathon team”

My mum and sister has been here, the flat it sparkling clean after last weeks cleaning. But most importantly me and sweetie seem to get the msn/ email thing right at the moment 🙂 No headaches for a while and not so completely broke like I was last week. Life is a little bit brighter and soon sweetie is coming for a visit 🙂

Been to busy to update properly as I had visitors, will do a proper update of what we did (read we ate 😉 ) with pictures, probably tomorrow.

In Swedish
Allt är lite bättre nu, skriftligt svar från London maraton att jag ska få en plats, mamma och syrran har varit här, lyan är ren och fin, ingen huvudvärk på ett tag. Men viktigast jag tror sötnos och jag fått lite häng på det här med msn/email förhållande 🙂 Livet är lite ljusare och snart kommer han hit, längtar så…

Ska uppdatera, med bilder och allt, mer hur helgen var med mamma och syrran när jag har mer tid, troligen imorgon.


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Why can’t life ever be easy?

Haven’t written lately as I have had a terrible migraine for the last few days and on top of that I got this in my email box;

By now you should have received the news that your application to run in the 2010 Virgin London Marathon was unsuccessful. This news was contained in our Marathon News “Rejected” magazine which should have been delivered to you by post.

Dave Bedford
Race Director

I was thinking WTF! when I got the email. If you get 5 rejections in a row on the sixth time you apply you will get an automatic guaranteed place. As this year was the sixth time in a row I applied I should have got a guaranteed place. Especially since they contacted me regarding this in July, then they could only find my past four entries but we sorted it out and they promised I would get my place.

So with a terrible migraine and a bad marathon result I was thinking my day can’t get worse…but obviously it could.

Me and Sweetie had an arguement, and I tell you it is not easy having an arguement over msn/email, and then you can’t make up afterwards either 😦

Luckily my friend Simon was around to feed me some Nandos to make me feel better.

Today I have been in contact with the Marathon organisers who claims it is a mistake and that I should ignore the email and the rejection magazine (postal workers/strikers can you tell me when I will get my post??? 😡 ). He said they would send out a successeful magazine and an acceptance form but I will believe that when I hold it in my hand.

Also me and Sweetie are alright today 🙂

In Swedish
Igår var en jobbig dag, hemsk huvudvärk och fick ett nej från London Marathon email. WTF tänkte jag eftersom sjätte året man söker så är man garanterad en plats, vilket detta var min sjätte ansökan. Trodde inte det kunde bli värre men då bråkade jag och sötnos, och det är inte lätt att bråka via msn och email speciellt inte eftersom man inte kan kramas och bli sams igen.

Som tur är så piggade Simon upp mig med lite Nandos.

Idag har jag ringt maraton organisatören och de har lovat att jag ska få en plats, men det tror jag inte på förrän jag har det skriftligt i handen.

Samt sötnos och jag är vänner igen 🙂


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I’m Going to Volunteer in India

Next year I am going to spend 7 weeks volunteering on a community or environmental project in India. I am going to work as a project manager and lead a team of 12ish people. I am sooo looking forward to it.

Readers of my blog knows I am a keen charity supporter and that I would love to work in this sector. So it is brilliant. But it will be hard, AND I will have to pay for the pleasure of working hard.

Because it is 7 weeks I had to get approval from work to be able to take it as holiday and unpaid leave. I love working for a Swedish company they agreed to give me all my holiday in a row and 2 weeks of unpaid leave…how fantastic is that.

But this means I am using up ALL my holiday allowance for next year in one go 😦 and as you know my partner lives in Sweden. So next year I will not be able to go to Sweden and visit him as I will have no money and no days off. This is why his opinion is so important to me, Sweetie is my soulmate and I rather not go if I would jeopardised us 😦

Unless I win on the lottery or some charitable person want to give a helping hand I am utterly broke 😀

In Swedish
Nästa år kommer jag spendera 7 veckor voluntärjobbandes i Indien på samhälls eller miljö projekt. Jag kommer jobba som projekt ledare och leda ett team på cirka 12 personer. Detta är något jag verkligen vill göra och brinner för. Men det kommer bli tufft all min semester och 2 veckor till, tack för att jag får tjänstledigt jobbet (en del grejer gör Sverige helt rätt på), kommer gå samt man får inte betalt för voluntärjobb utan jag år betala för nöjet att jobba gratis.

Det var pga att jag inte kommer ha semesterdagar kvar eller pengar att åka till Sverige för som min sötnos åsikt var så viktig för mig. Jag skulle aldrig åka till Indien om det skulle förstöra mitt förhållande. Men sötnos står bakom mig, tack.

Om jag inte lyckas vinna på lotto eller får hjälp av någon välgörare så är jag helt luspank 😀


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I have decided

I have cleared it with sweetie and with work and tomorrow I will say yes to the project…sooo excited 🙂 Love you sweetie for supporting me.

Will tell you all about it tomorrow after I have accepted it.

In Swedish
Jag har pratat med sötnos och mitt jobb, imorgon så kommer jag säga ja till mitt projekt…sååå spännande 🙂 Tack för ditt stöd sötnos.

Kommer skriva alla detaljer imorgon efter att jag tackat ja.


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Big decision…

This week I have a big decision to make, if I take this chance it will effect everything I do next year drastically.

If I were single then it would not be difficult as my choice would only affect me. Or if I lived together with my partner it wouldn’t be so difficult either.
If I say yes to this I will not have any money or time off work to travel to Sweden at all next year. As my sweetie lives in Sweden this makes the decsion really hard for me.

What I want to do in the future is both very unselfish but on the other hand quite selfish if your in a relationship. Oh I hate making choices 😦

In Swedish
Denna vecka måste jag göra ett val, ett val som kommer påverka hela mitt nästa år. Om jag vore singel så skulle detta vara ett lätt beslut, eller om vi bodde tillsammans. Nu är det svårt eftersom om jag säger ja så kommer jag inte har råd eller semesterdagar till att åka till Sverige. Eftersom min sötnos bor i Sverige så är detta ett väldigt svårt val för mig.

Vad jag vill göra i framtiden är både väldigt osjälviskt men samtidigt ganska själviskt om man är i ett förhållande. Åh vad jag hatar att välja 😦


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Bad day

Yesterday was a bad day, woke up with a really terrible migraine. The light from my mobile cut through my brain like a knife. Smells and sounds and even movement was equally bad, it was quite a while ago since I had such a migraine. Had to call in sick as I would not have been able to stand up or even sit and stare at a computer screen 😦

I slept until about five in the afternoon, by this time the migraine was tolerable so I could eat a bit and stay up. My brain could not cook in the evening so got some Nandos.

But the evening was worst, had plans to meet a friend but we canceled it because of my migraine, I was sooo alone and it was a Friday night. I missed sweetie so badly yesterday 😦 It gets really lonely sometimes 😦

In Swedish
Vaknade med en fruktansvärd migrän igår, ljus, ljud, rörelse och dofter skar i hjärnan, var tvungen att stanna hemma från jobbet. Smärtnivån gick att tolerera vid fem på kvällen, så jag gick upp. Åt Nandos på kvällen eftersom jag inte orkade laga mat.

Men kvällen var värst, saknade sötnos så. Ensam hemma en fredagskväll utan att riktigt kunna göra något, det var hemskt 😦


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