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Inside I’m dancing…

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.


No I have not dropped of the planet I have been busy dancing, I’m enjoying my life a lot at the moment even though it is raining. Lots of things has happened and currently I am trying to finish of as many of my 2010 NYE resolutions as possible…lol yes I did have 31 resolutions so I am running out of time 😉

But for now enjoy this beautiful piece of India, a country very dear to my heart ♥


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I am back

Yes I have returned from the best thing I have ever done in my life. Although I had good values before I have decided to re evaluate my life and take stock and then decide what really matters to me and what to do next. But I can say I am truly happy at this moment, I know myself and I know what is important in life.

Will probably update you more on India in the near future but at the moment I need to digest it properly first, the true impact of it all has not hit me just yet.

So for now here is a little video lovely Hannah made of us in India, my Foxtrot 2 group shows up after the guitar solo. Also some pictures of my various sleeping arrangments, no one can say I’m spoilt and need luxury, or that I am vain (*cough, cough* mum) 😉

My lovely bed on the concrete floor at Moraji Desai School

Foxtrot 2’s home

Brief 1 day visit to Gandathur, Foxtrot 1’s home

Anthony’s Camp, Base Camp near Munnar in Kerala

Anthony’s campsite is on a slope, very cleverly done

“Survival Night” or this is what hell is like

Toilets were mainly either a short drop like this or a longdrop


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We did it!

Thanks to everyone that have helped, together we can move mountains. My friend is in Sweden, her husband has started to study Swedish and her son is enroled in school. But the best thing is her son can run wild and free like kids should.

If you understand Swedish then you can read more about her trip to Sweden here.


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Congratulations to my friend Anders…

…who have just finished the Vasaloppet on the time of 06:51:30 not bad at all.

I am happy all your hard work have paid of. You can probably read more about his race here 10 in 2010 when he has recovered enough to write about it….although it will only be in Swedish.

As it is finish I can stop watching web TV and go out for my 20 km run.

But once again congratulations.

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Dream goals

Those of you who have read my about me page on my blog knows I mentioned the Swedish Classic before. Today is the first competition of four in Sweden Vasaloppet a 90 km cross country ski race. If it wasn’t for my planned India trip in July/August I would have been there today on a pair of skis but when I’m in India Vansbrosimmet part three of the Classic will go ahead so therefore it was not my year to do the classic 😦 Watching the race on web TV I feel a bit sad. But I have decided I am going to start the classic this year anyway with the Lidingöloppet in September as you can do it with in 12 months also and not only in a calendar year.

I have wanted to do the Swedish Classic since I was 15 years old and took my schools classic diploma to the shock of my self and my mum as I’d forgotten I had done it 😉 I don’t want to do it because of fitness or my love of endurance and the great outdoors oh no not me… I am actually quite lazy. I want to do it to be able to say look I did it, I did that. Also I like doing crazy things and test my limits, and my stubbornness also push me to do things like this.

As you know next up is the London Marathon and hopefully a sub 4 hour PB, then Lidingöloppet in September followed by the Vasaloppet in March 2011, then Vätternrundan in June and lastly Vansbrosimmet in July.

What then? Am I finished? No of course not 🙂

I have a few more endurance dream goals, but since they will take a hell of a lot of hard work and some money I do not have a time frame for them.

But they are;

The World Marathon Majors really though since Boston demands a marathon time below 3 hours 40 minutes for me to be allowed to take part.

Then the craziest of them all Marathon Des Sables a six day 243 km marathon event through the Sahara desert.

Edit; Oups I forgot about the Norseman, if you are doing a triathlon you might just as well do the worst one ever 😉

The Norseman start.

The Norseman profile.

The Norseman finish line.

You have to try everything once! 😀


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Screaming at my blog

Some of my friends have asked if I don’t think I’m too personal on my blog. Perhaps I am, but screaming at my blog makes me feel better, it gives me some release. Anyways most of my friends already know what I write about here and rather than bothering them too much and boring them with my problems I use my blog. And those who do not know me I do not see as a problem as I am quite anonymous on the internet, just one more person with problems on the internet.

Writing helps me when I feel shit, no matter what time day and night my blog is here for me. My blog never tells me what to do, it doesn’t tell me I am stupid or to shut up. What ever I throw at my blog it stays where it is and just takes it…I like that.

Sometimes life is even too hard to write about, but my blog will still be here after a break.

How do you treat your blog? Like a best friend, a gossip column or a punch bag?


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The wonderful feeling of letting go.

When I was a child I fell out of a tree but I managed just to grab a branch. I hung there for a long time, terrified. The silence and the pain in my arms. And the pounding in my ears. And then I fell. I don’t remember what happened when I hit the ground. All I can remember now is the agony of holding on. And the wonderful feeling, the wonderful of letting go.

The Wisdom of Crocodiles

I feel very free today, and happy. On the underground today I just wanted to sing, and not quietly but belt out songs with energy all the way from my toes…I didn’t. I couldn’t stop smiling, bet my fellow commuters wondered what kind of a loony I was. Lock her up quick she is smiling soon she might even say something to us 😉 can’t have that on the tube, can we?

Looks more and more like my B plan is going to happen, this is going to be sooo much fun and I am so excited 🙂 Although it is the most extreme of all my plans and means I really, really have to let go. So I am going to start ebaying my stuff, give away other things to charity and chuck out lots of crap. The most precious things will be sent to mum.

I have never been materialistic, although I had difficulties throwing things away as a child but that was more because I thought the things I threw had feelings and would be sad, lonely and hurt 😀 But I was never the type to buy clothes, handbags or shoes, and I reuse things until they literally fall apart…a safety pin is holding my £8 handbag together and I only own one pair of trousers which doesn’t need to be repaired. So I don’t have that much to get rid of in the first place, but ideally my life should fit in to two suitcases when I’m finished.

I am in a free fall, I don’t know when or where I will land, but guess what? I don’t care the pain of holding on is gone.


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