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I survived!

Yes I survived!

This was without a doubt the hardest and wort race I have ever done. Everything was against me, London marathon injury stopped training in spring and early summer, in India I only had time to run 3 times, and due to the altitude damn that was some hard going. Then when I got back I couldn’t train as I had severe pain in every joint in my body, nope I have no idea what it is?!? It started around 18th of August in India and it still bloody hurts. Theories of anyhting from normal wear and tear due to hard work which will subside (I hope for this one) to Arthritis has been thrown around. So obviously not the greatest preparation for a half marathon. I am generally fit and I always keep very active and did so in India too even though I wasn’t running so I knew I could run a half otherwise I wouldn’t have done it and I DO NOT recommend anyone to do it unless they are fit enough. Also only reason I did run was that it was a charity place for Oxfam and backing down was therefore not an option for me.

So race day came, I had slept badly but my pre-preparations were spot on so the morning went by smoothly. The race organiser was superb, they texted me and all other participants to warn us about delays on the Jubilee Line, then they postponed the race for 45 minutes to give everyone a chance to get there on time.

The race itself was hard, cold, heavy wind and rain this is just the kind of weather I hate. The track was ok and the first half went well, then my joints said NO, NO MORE, but I pushed on and despite all things mentioned above I finished in a time of 2h 13 min and 26 sec. The race organisers texted me both the gun time and chip time within 3 hours of finishing the race WOW even more impressed with them now. I thought the time was quite rubbish but my friends have convinced me that it was really good after all my bad luck and bad preparations.

Today the joint pain is back to where it was before the race and the muscles feel fine.

Thanks to all and everyone that has sponsored me already and to the lot of you that have promised to sponsor on completion cough up the money now 😉 Click on the sponsor me button or click here Remember none of this money goes to me, they do not even pass me but go straight in to Oxfam.

Edit: just to add so it is perfectly clear, I DID NOT take any painkillers before the race. I want to feel the pain and if it becomes unbearable I would stop, masking the pain is a very bad idea and you can damage yourself terrible. I took painkillers 2 hours after the race, why 2 hours? Well I read somewhere in a very plausible study that it can be good to let your body’s own anti inflammatory system work a bit on its own before you help it a long. If I find the study again I will publish links to it.



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Next a Half Marathon

Yes I’m out running again, this time it will be an achievement just getting to the start let alone past the finishing line as already I’m slightly injured. But hey ho I’m not injured enough not to run and it shouldn’t get worse by running either. This half marathon is for Oxfam, Oxfam is trying to overcome global poverty and suffering, they focus on Emergency Response (Pakistan Flood, Haiti Earthquake), Development Work and Campaigning for Change. To find out more click here Oxfam

£ 7  – could buy a school kit for kids
£11 – buy a mosquito net to protect people from malaria
£26 – could help fix a village water well
£50 – could train a farmer
£84 – can feed 12 families in an emergency

So please dig deep and donate now by clicking here


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Another Marathon!?!

Yesterday I applied to do another marathon 🙂 Thought I would have learnt something but nooo 😀 So I applied to run London next year again. Actually I have the post marathon blues at the moment, it’s scientifically proven that many marathon runners get a bit depressed just after a marathon and need a new goal. So spoke to some runners on Monday advising me to book another marathon to look forward too and all week I have been thinking of when and which one apart from the already applied to London marathon.

So which one this year??? It’s too late to apply for a marathon that is before I go to India in July/August so it will have to be a marathon that’s in September or October. Dublin Marathon on the 25th October would be nice, Amsterdam on the 17th of October is another hot contender, or maybe Mallorca on 17th October, Loch Ness marathon 3rd October might be nice too or Athens marathon 31st October. Casablanca is on the 24th of October too, should be fairly warm there, tempting very tempting.

Obviously New York marathon is in November but as I want to do all 5 world majors marathon this one can wait until I start on the majors serie.

Do you know anything about the mentioned marathons? Any favourites with flat and fast PB courses or maybe you know which one to avoid, or maybe a suggestion for a different marathon? All advise and tips are good ones.

My dream marathon time now is 3.30 and if I could do 4.27 with an injury and rubbish training then 3.30 with proper training should be possible 😀 Me aiming too high…never 😉 But this is not for the autumn marathon but for 2011 instead.

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Brief London Marathon 2010 update

Wheeee 🙂 I kept my NYE resolution and did beat my PB in the London marathon by 20 minutes and finished in 4.27.55. Unfortunately I did not reach my dream target of sub 4 hour marathon, I was on my way to do it and halfway through it was possible and it felt great but then injury set in, injured both ITB bands in my legs and continuing in speed was impossible. Maybe I’m not made for really long runs but have decided to try again, must run under 3.40 to qualify for Boston marathon.

Anyways had a really nice weekend, was joined by my partner in crime Anders who also ran in this years marathon, though a hell of a lot faster than me. Well done for getting me to the start in one piece and congrats to your brilliant marathon time.


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2010 London Marathon Running Outfit

Thanks to Stina’s help my marathon outfit is now complete. The t-shirt colour is not my choices but I think the turqouise works quite good with orange. So know you how I will look so you can keep an eye open if you are watching the race on TV (BBC2 and then later BBC1) or in real life.

A few friends of mine will watch the marathon from the Old Rose Pub near Shadwell station, map. There you should be able to see me twice, at mile 13.73ish running towards Canary Wharf and then at mile 22.83ish running towards the tower. To check out the course Virgins interactive map is quite good, interactive marathon map.

Or you can join my charity Lepra and cheer for me at mile 23 just by the Tower of London, usually great atmosphere here.

In case you can’t watch the marathon in real life or on TV then you can follow me here Facebook Marathon Tracker by typing in my running number 15152. Have not found an non Facebook online tracker website yet but I hope there will be on and will publish the address here if I find one.

Also there is still time to sponsor my marathon on my website


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Sundays run

Sundays run went well, did a half marathon with 21.1 km and the time was not bad at all. If this continues then I will absolutely beat my marathon PB. Although mentally it was hard and it was really nice to bump in to some supporters at 14 km, got second wind and actually ran quicker after that 🙂

Today my legs felt ok which was a nice surprise so I went out for a short run today too.


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February running

In a few hours February is over, me and Gizmo have been working hard and finished with a total of 101.77 km run through out the month. Tomorrow is the first day of “Monster Month” the runs will get longer and longer :S Although I’ll have a resting day tomorrow 😉

Compared to last year my speed is picking up and breaking my PB goal is definitely possible, not completely sure I will go under the 4 hour barrier though I am trying hard.

Today I did a 16 km slow run, it felt ok even though I’ve been ill during the weekend. But I really need new shoes, my old ones doesn’t work on anything longer than 8 km runs. Do you wonder why they only work for the first part? Well feet expand a little after running a longer bit so I stubb my toes in the toebox of the shoes. This leads to black toenails, not comfortable and not pretty.

Also I need to buy some carbohydrate gels and some sports drinks or powder stuff….but I really, really hate this stuff 😦 It’s too artificial and too sweet, but on the long runs extra energy is needed there is no way around it and afterwards refuelling is essential. Does anyone know of healthy, natural and non sugary energy on the go and refuelling??? Please let me know…urgently. Drinkwise I prefer Gatorade as it has less shit (shit= E numbers, colours, sugar and stuff) in it then others I’ve tried. For carbo gel I use the Lucozade one as it is easy to eat on the run and doesn’t taste too nasty…although really not happy with this one.

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