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Gizmo and I are training hard

I have named my Garmin Forerunner 310XT, he will be known as Gizmo from now on, very suitable as Gizmo means gadget but also this cute little fellow;

Been a bit quite lately, I have kept my self really busy by running loads and loads together with Gizmo. Minimum 4 times a week but I am for 5 times a week, last week I did several threeshold runs to improve on my speed, this week I am concentrating on medium and long runs. Todays run was really good if I can keep that pace up then I will definitely beat my PB at the London marathon.

Also watched a bit of the Winter Olympics. The Cross Country skiing is fantastic, even though I hate snow and the cold it makes me want to go skiing. Well either next year or the year after I will have to ski as the 90 km Vasa cross country ski race is part of the Swedish classic which I definitely will be doing one day.

The little bit of my time left over is spent on studying climate change (global warming or what you wish to call it), UK energy policy and French.

Almost forgot I have spent a great deal of my time with friends. Last Monday lovely dinner with Karin. Tuesday helpt ex-husband with university work and he helped me fix my PC monitor, fantastic deal 😀 Thursday at a local pub with Jenny, Hannis and new girl. Friday Olympics Ice Hockey, Sweden against Belarus at the Swedish pub with Laila, Jocke, Lisa, Leigh, Jenny, Rich, Patrick, Angelique, Hannis, Jimmie and I think I forgotten some people but it was sooo nice 😀 . Saturday was spent relaxing until I had to make a treacherous journey to Waterloo, the tubes and the buses were SHIT and I had to walk a bit 😦 in the cold 😦 when I finally got there I had a brilliant time with Marliina and friends.

After we had got some drinks down at home we went out dancing, it was nice but the club was a bit shit…everyone avoid Chinawhite if you want to have a really good time, expensive drinks (yes I buy my own drinks as I do not want to sponge of sleazy guys) and not very nice drinks either, tiny dancefloor with the shittiest DJ I have ever come across during 11 years in London, the guys in the club were not nice either….these clubs let guys with money in only (or guys with the right friends) and quite frankly they do not look very nice and they are extremely sleazy.

Then Sunday was spent with Elin and a long walk in the park, we saw Yellow Crocuses, more Snowdrops and flowers on two different varieties of trees spring is coming wheee 😀 Yesterday me and Laila managed to get free burgers at the pub, fantastic, and then we went home to her place and drank bucket loads of Swedish coffee and talked until 2 am…no wonder I didn’t fall asleep until after 5 in the morning 😉


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Wheee look at my baby :D

Yes it is my very own Garmin Forerunner 310XT. I bought it online yesterday for a superduper fantastic price and free delivery, just had to get it. And today already it arrived 😀 Marathon PB here I come.

Only problem is I have not named the baby yet…any ideas for a name?

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Serious marathon training from now.

Been going to a physio for my neck for some time, seen the orthopedist and done the x-rays from today all should be fine training for the London marathon in the end of April. So today I have started some serious marathon training, I want to break my PB and I want to do it properly, my aim is 4 hours exactly or less, but as long as it is less then last year I will be ok with the result.

So after a bit of a break I went out running today, it was hard going and I only did a short 5 km run. The legs felt fine, a bit of the stitches but not too bad, knee felt a bit odd but it always does and my right ankle gave me loads of pain the last 2 km. But these are normal things they happen to me regularly, I dreaded looking at the time though because it felt sooo slow like running in molasses…

But total shock I ran my third fastest pace per km ever and my second fastest 5 km time ever. I am gobsmacked, not been running for a while and the run felt a bit shit and then it went so well anyway 🙂

To be able to run better and more without injuries I NEED a new pair of shoes any of below will do
Asics GT 2140,

Nike Lady Air Zoom Structure Triax+ 12 eller

Saucony Pro Grid Omni 8 and a

balance board of some sort for my troublesome ankles.

Then what I really, really WANT to help me beat my PB is a

Garmin Forerunner 310 XT

Feel free to help out by giving, sponsoring or buying any or all of  it for me 🙂


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Berlin Weekend Break

Landed really early in Berlin on Friday morning, way to tired for the brain to work properly. Went by Ryanair which further caused my brain to go into meltdown…How much worse can they actually get until people (yes me included) start boycotting they??? I am starting to think they are some sort of evil social experience to see how much shit and frustration people are willing to put up with for a cheap ticket…Oups went a bit of topic there.


To get from Berlin Schönefeld airport to central Berlin was very easy, just a short walk to the train station and €2.80 and 30-45 minutes later I stepped of the train in Zoologischer Garten, right where I wanted to end up. The hotel was within walking distance and with the help of the map in my Top 10 Berlin guide book I found it alright. I can really recommend the Top 10 Berlin book, really good size so easy to take around town or you can detach the map and travel even lighter. It picks out the classics and a few other top spots and it is not over bearing, and it gives you choices between budget, medium and luxury. The only bad point with the book is that it has a few sights have double or triple entries, they could either be removed and make the book lighter and cheaper or replaced by more information. Really missed a map of where the Berlin Wall cut through Berlin and a bit more info about the wall.

Sorat Ambassador The hotel was the three star Sorat Ambassador I must say a very typical German hotel. With typical I do not mean bad, but like most buildings they are either built in the 50s and 60s or the early 90s everything looks a bit the same and often a bit dated decor. But everything works, everything is clean and the staff were superb. Would I recommend Sorat Ambassador to others? Absolutely! The hotel is easy to get to from the airport, very central and within walking distance of many sights and close to the shopping streets if that is what you like. But most important the staff were really nice, helpful and friendly.

Hotel1 The room was comfortable and clean, the bed was comfortable apart from the insanely large pillows. As my brain did not work properly from lack of sleep I seemed to have forgotten how to use a key I then realised I needed an afternoon nap.

Hollow Tooth Church
I went sight seeing a bit whilst waiting for Sweetie to arrive I went to the Europa centre and then to “Hollow Tooth”. Hollow tooth is a church that was bombed severly during the second world war but instead of tearing it down the Berliners wanted to keep it as a reminder of the horror of war.

At eight Sweetie finally arrived, I was so happy to see him again, we have never been apart for this long before. I didn’t want to stop hugging him and looking at him 🙂 We ate a quick meal of pasta on or way to the hotel. Yes Carbo-loading it is before a marathon, so funny all the resturants and hotels seemed to have special marathon pasta menus. In Berlin you really notice the marathon runners whilst in London they really blend in. After dinner we went back to the hotel, we talked and hugged for a few hours and then slept.

Tempelhof We went up early in the morning to go to the marathon expo at Flughafen Tempelhof, a building that made me say “It looks like a Nazi building” and loo and behold my guide book describes it as a facist building from 1939…looks really oppressing doesn’t it? Although a fantastic exhibition venue I must admit. The expo was great, we got our numbers and chips alright and they had plenty of running gear for sale. I bought a new Skins long sleeve running top and a sort of bandana to protect my head from the sun.

Needed to repair my sweded outfit so I had to get hold of a tailor. Luckily German is not to disimilar from Swedish so I could guess that “änderungen” meant changes, and what do you change if not clothes. At the tailor I just said “Problem, morgen maraton, kaputt” and showed him the pocket for my Carbogels (yes more Carbs guess you can see the pattern). So Sweedes can get by in German, even though this tired Sweede brought her Spanish phrasebook and not the German one 😀

Then we went back to the hotel for a quick pasta lunch and a nap, you need to rest a lot the day before a maraton and stay of your feet. We then walk to the marathon start to check that we could find it properly and to time the distance there. After that we meet up with one of Sweeties friends who is also running and ate som more pasta, tired of pasta wanted meat or pizza 😦 Then a taxi ride home and early night. To be prepared for the Berlin marathon the next day.

In Swedish
Landade tidigt på fredagen i Berlin, flög tyvärr med Ryanair, lovar mig varje gång att sluta eftersom de suger, tror definitivt att de egentligen är ett elakt socialt experiment för att testa människors gränser.

Vårat tre stjärniga hotell Sorat Ambassador var helt ok (jag är närking så läs ok som bra), bra område, nära till allt och trevlig personal. Visst hotellet ser daterat ut men det har varje hotell som jag bott på i Tyskland gjort, huvudsaken är ju att de är rena fräscha och funktionella samt har trevlig personal. Hotell ambassador tickar alla boxar så jag kan rekommendera det om du ska till Berlin.

Medn jag väntade på sötnos skulle anlända så sov jag, behövdes när jag inte kom på hur en nyckel till rummet fungerade…hmm vrid åt ena hållet tills dörren öppnas kanske??? Sen lite sight seeing på Europa center och “Ihåliga Tanden” kyrkan som bombades under andra världskriget. När sötnos kom så ville jag bara krama ihjäl honom, har ju inte sett honom på länge. Vi Kolhyrdats laddade med pasta innan vi gick till hotellet for att prata, kramas och sova tidigt.

Nästa dag så hämtade vi upp våra nummer och chips för maratonen på Flughafen Tempelhof, den byggdes 1939 och hela byggnaden ser verkligen nasistisk ut, den riktigt tornar upp sig över en och man kände sig lite plattare. De hade mycket grejer på expon och jag köpte en ny Skins långärmad springtop och en sorts bandana att skydda huvudet från solen med.

Klantade mig och tog med min spanska frasbok istället för min tyska, men klarade mig ganska galant ändå eftersom tyska inte är så olikt svenska. Hos skräddaren blev det “Problem, morgen maraton, kaputt” och han lagade snabbt min swedade ficka för mina Kolhydratsgeleer, jupp kolhydrater är ett återkommande tema 🙂

Sen en åt vi en snabb pasta lunch och tog en tupplur, man ska vila och inte knata runt dagen innan ett maraton. Sen gick vi till starten så vi visste var den var och hur lång tid det skulle ta att gå dit. Efter det träffade vi en av sötnos vänner som också skulle springa och åt lite mer pasta, trött på pasta ville egentligen äta kött eller pizza. Sen taxi till hotellet och tidig kväll inför söndagens maraton.

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New Shoes, New Camera

Running Shoes Desperately needed new running shoes and today I got them, I went to Runners Need close to Oxford Circus to get mine. If you run regularly and/or more then 5 km then you really need to invest in a good pair of shoes. But you can’t just buy a brand shoe and think it will be alright as this might not be the right type for you.
This is what is great with Runners Need, all shops are staffed by runners themselves and they will do a Gait Analysis to ensure that you get the right shoe for you. I gait analysis means the will film you running in different shoes on a treadmill and then you look at your gait and foot strike to get the pair the works best for you AND feels the most comfortable.

I got a pair of Brooks Adrenaline shoes and a little pocket to put my Nike+ Ipod sensor in to fit it on my shoe lace. If you are running long runs it is very important to buy your shoes just a little bit larger than you normally would otherwise you will suffer from black toenails that eventually will fall of…trust me I got four black toenails in the London Marathon.

As I bought a new camera last week I just had to try it out and take a picture of my new shoes and sensor pocket 🙂

In Swedish
Köpte nya skor idag eftersom jag inte kan springa i de gamla längre. Jag gick till Runners Need nära Oxford Circus. Kan verkligen rekommendera dem, personalen springer själva och vet vad de pratar om samt de filmar och analyserar in löpstil i olika skor för att du ska få den optimala skon för just din löpstil.

Jag köpte ett par Brooks Adrenaline och en ficka till min Nike+ Ipod sensor som sätts fast på skosnörena. Viktigt att tänka på om du ska springa längre rundor är att köpa skorna lite större än vad du normallt brukar ha annars så kommer du att få blå tånaglar som till slut trillar av…lita på mig när jag säger det, jag fick fyra blånaglar från London Maraton.

Eftersom jag köpte en ny kamera kunde jag inte låta bli att ta kort på mina nya skor sensor ficka 🙂


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All booked for Berlin

The point of no return has been crossed, both hotel and flights are booked to Berlin for the marathon in September.
More expensive then I thought it would be so now because of this, and another thing my stupid bank did, I am broke 😦

Good bye new running shoes, Good bye Garmin 310XT see you never I guess… 😦

In Swedish
Har bokat flyg och hotell i Berlin för maran i september. Så nu är jag pank fast iofs så var det lite min dumma banks fel också. Så hej då skor, hej då Garmin 310XT 😦

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Garmin 305, 405 or 310???

I really want to measure my runs more accurately then I have before with my Nike+

I have in the past tried my partners Garmin Forerunner 305, it is more accurate for sure and you can combine it with MapMyRun. I have looked at the Garmin Forerunner 405, at the London Marathon Expo, both the normal and the Garmin Forerunner 405CX. I am tempted by both.
Discussing this with Anders and Petter only makes me more tempted.

But the thing is the slow satelite uptake on the 305 has added some extra time to each of my training rounds. And according to some the 405 has short battery span and does not work perfectly in wet weather conditions….come on I do most running in the UK it rains here…a lot.

But then I found it! The Garmin Forerunner 310XT. I’m in love!
Garmin Forerunner 310XT

It is rumoured to have a faster satelite uptake then the 305 and it supposedly waterproof, which is good as a thought or two of doing a triathlon has crossed my mind…I sooo want one. They are due out for release in July.

If any of you readers want to give me one of these you will be in my good book forever. Or maybe two as I would love my training buddy and partner to have one too 🙂

In Swedish
Jag vill mäta mina springrundor lite mer exakt en Nike+ räcker inte riktigt längre.

Efter att ha provat min partners Garmin Forerunner 305, så vet jag att den funkar mycket bättre och den kan kombineras med MapMyRun.. Men jag har även tittat på den nyare Garmin Forerunner 405, på London Marathon Expo, både den normala och Garmin Forerunner 405CX. Jag är sugen på båda.

Efter att ha diskuterat detta med Anders och Petter så blir jag bara mer sugen.

Jag gillar 305 men det tar lång tid att hitta satellit till den, 405 ska visst ha lite sämre batteri och inte fungera så bra när det regnar…men hallå jag bor i England det regnar alltid här.

Men då hittade jag den! The Garmin Forerunner 310XT. Jag är kär!

Den ska ha snabbare satellit upptagning och vara vattentät, vilket är passande eftersom någon gång kanske jag gör ett Triatlhon.

Om någon av mina läsare vill ge mig en sådan så skulle jag bli för evigt tacksam. Eller kanske två eftersom det skulle vara trevligt om min träningskompis och partner hade en också 🙂


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