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Garmin 305, 405 or 310???

I really want to measure my runs more accurately then I have before with my Nike+

I have in the past tried my partners Garmin Forerunner 305, it is more accurate for sure and you can combine it with MapMyRun. I have looked at the Garmin Forerunner 405, at the London Marathon Expo, both the normal and the Garmin Forerunner 405CX. I am tempted by both.
Discussing this with Anders and Petter only makes me more tempted.

But the thing is the slow satelite uptake on the 305 has added some extra time to each of my training rounds. And according to some the 405 has short battery span and does not work perfectly in wet weather conditions….come on I do most running in the UK it rains here…a lot.

But then I found it! The Garmin Forerunner 310XT. I’m in love!
Garmin Forerunner 310XT

It is rumoured to have a faster satelite uptake then the 305 and it supposedly waterproof, which is good as a thought or two of doing a triathlon has crossed my mind…I sooo want one. They are due out for release in July.

If any of you readers want to give me one of these you will be in my good book forever. Or maybe two as I would love my training buddy and partner to have one too 🙂

In Swedish
Jag vill mÀta mina springrundor lite mer exakt en Nike+ rÀcker inte riktigt lÀngre.

Efter att ha provat min partners Garmin Forerunner 305, sÄ vet jag att den funkar mycket bÀttre och den kan kombineras med MapMyRun.. Men jag har Àven tittat pÄ den nyare Garmin Forerunner 405, pÄ London Marathon Expo, bÄde den normala och Garmin Forerunner 405CX. Jag Àr sugen pÄ bÄda.

Efter att ha diskuterat detta med Anders och Petter sÄ blir jag bara mer sugen.

Jag gillar 305 men det tar lĂ„ng tid att hitta satellit till den, 405 ska visst ha lite sĂ€mre batteri och inte fungera sĂ„ bra nĂ€r det regnar…men hallĂ„ jag bor i England det regnar alltid hĂ€r.

Men dÄ hittade jag den! The Garmin Forerunner 310XT. Jag Àr kÀr!

Den ska ha snabbare satellit upptagning och vara vattentÀt, vilket Àr passande eftersom nÄgon gÄng kanske jag gör ett Triatlhon.

Om nĂ„gon av mina lĂ€sare vill ge mig en sĂ„dan sĂ„ skulle jag bli för evigt tacksam. Eller kanske tvĂ„ eftersom det skulle vara trevligt om min trĂ€ningskompis och partner hade en ocksĂ„ 🙂



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Music to run to???

I have a problem, I don’t have any good music to run to 😩

What I need is fast music with drums, preferably instrumental as often this kind of music are made up of stupid and annoying lyrics like “Blow my whistle” or “Suck my Lollipop”. I am really rubbish at determine music genres so I can’t just go into a shop and buy what I need, and I am getting sick and tired of trawling through the internet when I don’t know properly what to search for. If I would hazard a guess maybe it would be called Techno Trance or electronic but I really have no clue as I normally listen to more alternative music.

So help me find the right kind of music. The nearest thing to what I want is this The Bongo Song but I need more than one song.

In Swedish
Jag har problem att hitta bra springlĂ„tar 😩 Jag vill ha lĂ„tar som har ett snabbt tempo med mycket trummor, gĂ€rna instrumental eftersom mĂ„nga lĂ„tar har sĂ„ tröttsam idiotisk text.
Eftersom jag Àr helt vÀrdelös pÄ musik genres sÄ kan jag inte bara knalla in i nÄgon affÀr och köpa det jag vill ha, det Àr Àven svÄrt att söka pÄ internet nÀr jag inte riktigt vet vad för sökord jag ska knappa in. Skulle jag gissa vad det skulle kallas sÄ Àr det kanske Techno Trance eller kanske Electronic men jag vet inte för vanligen lyssnar jag pÄ mer alternativ musik.

Det nÀrmsta jag hittat till det jag vill ha Àr The Bongo Song. Men en sÄng rÀcker ju inte sÄ hjÀlp mig hitta fler.


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Yes I did it! Yesterday I did beat my personal best, it was the fastest I have run ever and it feels like I am back to where I was before the problems with my heels.
It was a real confidence boost 🙂

Jupp jag klarade av att slĂ„ mitt person bĂ€sta igĂ„r, inte bara person bĂ€sta utan ocksĂ„ tillbaka pĂ„ nivĂ„n jag var innan mina hĂ€l problem. Riktigt bra för sjĂ€lvförtroendet 🙂


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PB this time then?

Just trying to psych myself up for a short fast run, I really want to beat my PB today.
Going to borrow my partners Gargamel (Garmin) to pace myself.

Only problem is I am freezing, my fingers are like icicles…sötnos stop reading now…so I have turned on both radiators and put my sweeties bathrob on on top of my clothes. Don’t think I will be able to run unless I defrost, I see images of the Terminator 2 robot breaking into pieces whilst trying to walk when I close my eyes.

HÄller pÄ att ladda upp för en kort snabb runda idag, ska igen satsa pÄ person bÀsta. Ska ta tid med Sötnos Gargamel (Garmin) för att hÄlla takten.
Problemet Àr dock att jag fryser, fingrarna Àr som istappar. Har satt pÄ bÄda elementen och pojkens morgonrock utan pÄ mina klÀder. Tinar jag inte sÄ blir det svÄrt att springa.

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Just been out running…

Today was meant to be a short and fast run, 5 km and I wanted to break my personal best. It started out well, the running was easy and fast….but did last??? Oh no of course it didn’t.
My Ipod started to behave badly about 2 km into the run, now your think so what has that got to do with running??? Well a lot actually since I time myself through my Ipod with the Nike sensor.
But when I had sorted that out I got the worst stitch in the right side ever. Normally if you keep running the stitch disappears after a while so I kept running but NOOO not this time it lasted all the way home 😡

So not a PB but it was still a decent time considering.

Sprang en kort runda idag pÄ 5 km, tÀnkte slÄ person bÀsta men det gick Ät helvete.
Ipoden började krĂ„ngla, tar tiden via Ipod och Nike sensor. Sen fick jag hĂ„ll vid typ 2-3 km som varade hela vĂ€gen hem 😡

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